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SaaS (Software as a Service) plus more

Loyalty on Demand Platform available for our Customers in SaaS model, our exceptional support experts are also helping you achieving your business goals.

Platform runs over the world, in the cloud, to have the best performance next to your business location. This requires the Support team to operate the environment in 24/7, on top of that they are also able to pick up and manage your requests in the end to end landscape in case of integrated system.

SaaS plus more
The Evolution

The Evolution

Loyalty platform is helping your business to acquire new members and support you to retain customers who runs your business.

Loyalty on Demand is a platform which continuously enhanced with new features and options to attract participating members. This evolution is driven by our loyalty experts and tech heroes, but platform support to have Partner extensions and building blocks to fulfil your requirements if you wish to have something only for you.

Interested in pricing?

As a true SaaS, the pricing is based on a subscription model. There are several options in the platform you can utilize and combinations to build your own or integrate with existing system landscape and processes. Our sales representatives and consultants are available to identify the best option fit to your business and pricing.

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Interested in pricing